Much Loved Member of The Family

I wanted to let you know that Cliff is a much loved member of the family. We also tell everyone about where he came from as you did a fabulous job of matching him up with our family. He has put his service dog training on display by visiting my mother and some other residents at a senior home. They love him. He is out and about with at least one of us doing work outdoors on the farm at least two or three hours a day and sometimes more. So he is in magnificent shape and continues to take everyone's breath away with his beautiful movement. He and our lab also get along well although Cliff did take over Shadow's bed and relegated Shadow to his. It was interesting in that he wanted to stay in his carrier kennel for several months after he arrived. We just left the door open and left it in the bedroom along with three different dog beds they could both choose from and we finally are taking the kennel out as he never goes in it anymore and alternates between the floor and his (formerly Shadow's) bed. In any event, our family wishes all of you the best of the holiday season and we will be giving thanks this year for Cliff.

Barbara D.

Really Love Dolf!!!

He's so much more loving than what I thought. Still very strong willed but our attachment to each other has quickly grown beyond what I thought it would be.

Again, you did a great job matching personalities. I still remember an e-mail where you said you got a dog in and his personality reminded you of me. That was Dolf.

Thanks!! Mark

The Perfect Dog

November, Hi! I just wanted to give you any update on Henry. He is doing awesome!! We have him set up with a trainer Chris (who you spoke to) and is doing amazing! We are so happy with him!! Thank you again for helping us find the perfect dog for our family! He is a wonderful dog, he is very protective of the kids, always watching, doesn't let them out of his sight. If they do decide to leave the yard, he is telling me immediately. He is a great running partner. He and I enjoy our 8 mile runs daily, he is off leash the entire time, other than marking trees along the trail he doesn't leave my side! We are all so grateful for everything y'all have done for us!

Thank you, Amanda

Swims with the power of a locomotive.

Hi November,

Vespe launches herself like Phelps out straight over the water and swims with the power of a locomotive. No gentle swimming for her. Left to her won devices, she would swim till she drowns. Before I knew she could swim (all mo other GS hated the water), we were out at the dog park and a golden's owner launched a ball over the water. The happy golden started cheerfully paddling out. Vespe started from 25' back and launched like a rocket out over the water, powerfully making up the distance between dogs, and then with super human effort beat the golden and snatched the ball away! Talk about embarrassing. The second she took off like a shot I tried to call her back, but she was so focused on her goal of getting the ball no matter what. My jaw and that of everyone else on the shore dropped since I doubt any of us could believe her straight-out launch over the water. It was really impressive. So, we have really been having a great summer with Lake Washington and the river at the dog park nearby. Thanks again for our wonderful dog. Hope all is well at your end. Feel free to use us as a reference at any time.



You would have been so proud of him.

Dear Harrison K-9:

Just wanted to share with you that our beloved German Shepherd named Kane, purchased from you in August of 2000 died this week. He was 13 years, 2 months old and died peacefully at home in his sleep. Kane was born May 25, 2000. His Sire was Dino and his Dam was Jahna. He was strikingly beautiful, extremely intelligent and intuitive, a devoted friend, tireless protector of our home and family, brave beyond measure, and deeply loved. Quite honestly, it seemed at times he had an almost psychic connection with each member of our family. I remember driving up to South Carolina from Texas, and picking him out of the litter. Words cannot describe how much he meant to us. We have lost a vital member of our family. As my husband said today, "Kane was a once in a lifetime dog." It is difficult you see for us to believe any other dog could compare with Kane. Yet, we love German Shepherds and there is a void in our home now that is heartbreaking. We also know the quality of Harrison K-9 dogs. So, we hope to one day bring another Harrison K-9 puppy into our home. I would love to share a photo of Kane with you as well, but cannot do so with this message. Most of all, I wanted to express our utmost gratitude for all you do, and for bringing Kane into our lives so many years ago. You would have been so proud of him. We cannot recommend Harrison K-9 Strongly enough. God Bless.

A. Bilsky Texas

You Listened To What We Wanted

Hi Novemeber,

We are so thrilled with the dog that we got from you, we would happily provide referrals. I don't know how we got along without her. My husband is not a dog person and he just loves her! She goes over and curls up next to his chair so he can reach her for easy pets. She is affectionate, people centered, and sweet. It is still hard to believe it is the same dog that turns into the scariest-thing-you-ever-saw on command or when strangers come to the house. As I mentioned, when we first saw her at Harrison K-9, and brought her home, she didn't bark at all and showed no signs of ANY protective ability. But, we trusted you, and as soon as she settled in and accepted us as her pack leader, and learned the house was ours, we saw her protective side come out.

I guess one of the best things about your business is that you really listened to what we wanted in a dog and recommended the perfect dog even though she would not have been the dog we would have selected. Going back on the plane we both wondered if we had made a big mistake. It was hard for a control freak like me to trust your judgement. Fortunately, we did, and now we are so glad.

Hope all is well with you. Nada

Over The Top In Love

November, Hi! Hope all is well with you guys. We are still over the top in love with Henry!! He is the best dog I have ever had! The kids love him, he loves the kids, and he will not jump on anything except when I say lets go wake up Madison or Dominic and he races up the stairs and jumps 1/2 way on their bed and starts licking them like crazy! We have lost 3 basketballs, 4 footballs, and 1 pair of swim floaties when he thought Madison was drowning and he tried to pull her out of the pool from the side, but she was just playing a game and trying to trick Dom! Anyways, he's just amazing, we can't thank you enough! He is DEFINITELY a HARRISON K-9! Every single person that has ever seen him will stop and say "oh my gosh what a beautiful dog"! Thank you for everything you did in helping place the right dog with our family. I am confident there is not another company that cares the way y'all do!


Izzo - Best Dog Ever

Hi November & Patrick,

Just wanted to give you an update on Izzo. He is so amazing there are no words. He has taken to me so much and is as loyal as a dog could get. You guys thought he was aggressive when actually he isn't at all. He's super obedient and loving and just wants to be loved back. I adore him! Skyla is very aggressive, but not him. He is friendly to everyone whereas Skyla doesn't trust people. Lol. So it's a good blend. And they are the BEST of friends. And Bambi loves Izzo too. She licks his face and he puts up with her. He follows me absolutely everywhere, loves to play, and owns my heart completely. So thank you!



November and Harrison,

I find it hard to find the words to express the feelings that Sandy and I both have regarding the incredible offer that you have made to us. You have brought tears to our eyes and happiness to our hearts to know that we will be able to have another incredible Harrison K9 family member to join our family.

Hill was most certainly all that you said that he would be and more. Hill was clearly an example of the exemplary quality of Executive Protection Dogs that you sell.

Please know that Sandy and I would be more than honored to provide you with a stellar client recommendation, both in writing and verbally, should you ever wish to have one from us.

Best Regards, Harv (Florida)

What A Perfect Experience We Had

On September 29, 2012 we were introduced to "Drum", a handsome German Shepherd, who arrived in California with Patrick. Patrick was without a doubt a fantastic representative of your organization. In every way he was knowledgeable, understanding, patient, and helpful. Please know how much we appreciated his expertise and training. What an excellent person he is! What a perfect experience we had.

Thank you,

B. Kaplan (California)

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