A. Bilsky

Why a Harrison K9 is Special

to A. Bilsky

A. Bilsky's Harrison K-9® Story


Dear Harrison K-9:

Just wanted to share with you that our beloved German Shepherd named Kane, purchased from you in August of 2000 died this week. He was 13 years, 2 months old and died peacefully at home in his sleep.

Kane was born May 25, 2000. His Sire was Dino and his Dam was Jahna. He was strikingly beautiful, extremely intelligent and intuitive, a devoted friend, tireless protector of our home and family, brave beyond measure, and deeply loved. Quite honestly, it seemed at times he had an almost psychic connection with each member of our family. I remember driving up to South Carolina from Texas, and picking him out of the litter. Words cannot describe how much he meant to us. We have lost a vital member of our family. As my husband said today, “Kane was a once in a lifetime dog.” It is difficult you see for us to believe any other dog could compare with Kane.

Yet, we love German Shepherds and there is a void in our home now that is heartbreaking. We also know the quality of Harrison K-9 dogs. So, we hope to one day bring another Harrison K-9 puppy into our home. I would love to share a photo of Kane with you as well, but cannot do so with this message. Most of all, I wanted to express our utmost gratitude for all you do, and for bringing Kane into our lives so many years ago. You would have been so proud of him. We cannot recommend Harrison K-9 Strongly enough. God Bless.

A. Bilsky