Barbara C

Why a Harrison K9 is Special

to Barbara C

Barbara C's Harrison K-9® Story

Dear Harrison K-9:

We got our dog Tessa from you several years ago and we wanted to let you know how much we love her. This weekend our daughter was quite ill with a cold, and last night at 2 a.m. we were all sleeping when apparently our daughter fell out of bed and became quite disoriented with a temperature of 105 calling weakly for help, as she has also lost her voice due to the cold. Unfortunataely, all the doors were closed and our bedroom is at the opposite side of the house, so we slept through it.

Tessa did not sleep though it. She kept going from me to my husband to me nudging us to wake up until we finally relented, thinking she had to go to the bathroom. But no, that was not what she needed. She kept running to our daughter’s door and back to us, until we figured it out.

Thank you for our wonderful dog! We are incredibly grateful!

Barbara C