Barbara C

Why Cliff is Special

to Barbara C

What Our Clients Say about their Harrison K-9® Shepherd


I wanted to let you know that Cliff is a much loved member of the family. We also tell everyone about where he came from as you did a fabulous job of matching him up with our family.

He has put his service dog training on display by visiting my mother and some other residents at a senior home. They love him.

He is out and about with at least one of us doing work outdoors on the farm at least two or three hours a day and sometimes more. So he is in magnificent shape and continues to take everyone’s breath away with his beautiful movement.

He and our lab also get along well although Cliff did take over Shadow’s bed and relegated Shadow to his. It was interesting in that he wanted to stay in his carrier kennel for several months after he arrived. We just left the door open and left it in the bedroom along with three different dog beds they could both choose from and we finally are taking the kennel out as he never goes in it anymore and alternates between the floor and his (formerly Shadow’s) bed.

In any event, our family wishes all of you the best of the holiday season and we will be giving thanks this year for Cliff.

Barbara C