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And will protect his handler with or without command Protection for Today’s Millionaires
If you are looking for the ultimate in home or office security, consider that properly trained protection dogs can be far more effective than alarm systems, fences, or personal firearms. In business since 1975, Harrison K-9* specializes in providing its clients with the finest European German Shepherds, hand selected for their agility, intelligence, and temperament. The price for these highly desirable dogs, expertly trained by Harrison K-9*, range from $20,000 to $50,000. It’s also the price of “peace of mind” for your family and for your business.

According to the company’s founder Harrison Prather, the German Shepherds that he imports from Europe are superior to American bred German Shepherds, which he describes as “genetic rejects” due to their “careless over-breeding.” Harrison K-9 ’s* German Shepherds come directly from the most impressive European bloodlines, where the genetic purity has been carefully preserved. These dogs have already graduated from the finest obedience schools before arriving at Harrison K-9* where they are specially trained to provide protection to families, business executives, entertainers, professional athletes, and law enforcement agencies.

“A Lady’s Best Friend in any situation.”
The training takes place at Prather’s 25-acre facility located in Aiken, South Carolina and lasts for three months during which time the dogs are placed in realistic real-life situations such as simulated parks, homes, and offices. The dogs are trained with positive reinforcement, which builds self-confidence. Harrison Prather’s goal is to produce a dog that makes a wonderful family pet and at the same time is prepared to defend its handler and its handlers’ family and loved ones with amazing ferocity and courage.

He insists that his dogs are “absolutely obedient,” although, should an intruder attack, the dog will protect his handler with or without command. The dogs are taught to bite and hold on to an attacker. All commands, including “come, heel, sit, and stay” are taught in English, Dutch, Czech, or German.

Harrison Prathe
Founder/CEO of Harrison K-9
When a client takes possession of a Harrison K-9* German Shepherd, they can be assured that the dog has been trained to thoroughly search a house or office before anyone enters. They are also taught to never flinch at the sound of gunfire and to avoid poisoned food. As a performance example, when the “Watch” command is given, the dog will intimidate an intruder by snapping and barking while standing in front of the handler.

Following completion of training, customers are given the option of receiving personal instruction on the care and handling of their dog either at Harrison K-9 ’s* facility or at their own home. All clients are provided with a videotape copy of their training sessions.

“A trusted companion
for the entire family.”
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