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Protect Your Family

There is nothing worth more

Harrison K-9®* German shepherds are Exceptional. Bred Exceptional. Trained Exceptional. and Behave Exceptional.

Many “guard dog” breeders and sellers focus on intimidation. Pit bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and other large breeds are often haphazardly churned out of puppy mills and sold to people looking for a “scary” watch dog.

Harrison K-9®* Protection

Breed is First in Importance. Only the Finest European German Shepherd Bloodlines will do.

  • Overall Training takes up to 3 years and starts shortly after birth.
  • Temperament is not only important — IT’S MANDATORY!
  • Each shepherd is evaluated and tested for character & temperament.
  • Best Friend, Vigilant Protector, and Family Member all in one huggable package.
  • Proven and accomplished protection skills.
  • Training based on praise and confidence.
  • Family Training is also essential. Training can be customized to your family’s specific needs.

The “Others” — Protection?

  • Training focused on intimidation.
  • Short Cycles — A quick transfer from Import to New home with little or no training or evaluation.
  • Questionable behavior around children.
  • Socialization and acclamation around other types and breeds of animals is minimal.
  • Shipped to the new home with little or no hands on training for the new family.
  • Protection skills may not be proven.
  • Police K-9s are not Family Protection Dogs. Watch out for being sold a ‘reject’ that couldn’t cut it in Police/Military work — they usually have no idea how to behave in a family.
  • No pedigrees or titles at all usually equates to problems. There is always a reason why…
  • How long has Trainer been in business? Often change company name to hide from poor reputation and legal issues.

Your family is most important and precious to you.

The addition of a Harrison K-9®* personal protection dog can ensure your family’s safety and security. A Harrison K-9®* German Shepherd has unmatched skills in obedience, vigilance and dedication to your family’s protection.

Harrison K-9’s®* trained protection shepherds set the bar in outstanding and reliable personal protection for 43 years. Harrison K-9* is not a Police/Military training facility nor do we try to do both. We are the BEST facility for the Personal Family Protection K-9. We specialize in Personal Family Protection K-9s that way you know when you select a Harrison K-9®* he was bred, imported, evaluated, and trained with a family such as yours in mind.

Harrison K-9®* specializes in selecting and importing only the purest European German Shepherds, then training these exceptional dogs to be the best family watch dog, protector, security K-9 and companion you will find anywhere in the world.

There is nothing more precious to you than your family. Ensuring their safety and security can be brought to new levels of confidence with the addition of a security dog that has unmatched skills in obedience, vigilance and dedication to your family’s protection.

Critical factors to consider when selecting a canine for your family protection dog:

  • Intelligence
  • unquestionable character
  • temperament
  • excellent health
  • alertness
  • willingness to work
  • confidence

Harrison K-9’s®* German Shepherds have set the standard in outstanding and reliable personal protection for 43 years. Each K-9 is designed from day one to be an asset to your family and is never a Government or Police K-9 reject.

Never Buy Aggression and Fear

Many people confuse confidence with aggression, but this can be an extremely dangerous mistake. An aggressive dog will chase and attack out of fear. This dog can become frenzied and out of control, failing to respond even to his handler. Harrison K-9®* European German Shepherd personal protection dogs have been bred and trained to eliminate this issue. Obedience to the family and handler is of the utmost importance. Every client receives hands-on training on handling their dog before it is released to the family. This assures confidence on the part of the dog and the family with their new partnership.

Every year, hundreds of innocent people – especially children – are victims of severely disfiguring bites from aggressive “guard dogs” chosen for their intimidation factor, not their character, intelligence, and careful education.

On the other hand, a trained K-9 will always turn to his handler/family for command and control before reacting. A confident dog will chase and attack only on command, or if his handler or himself is physically attacked first. A confident dog is never frenzied, and can be called off immediately and without question. All of these skills are

demonstrated with every Harrison K-9®* sold.

For a family watch dog we have found that the best dog breed for protection displays confidence and courageousness, making the European German Shepherd the undisputed champ.

The European German Shepherd is the most universal working dog bred in the world today. Working dog competitions specifically test for the most desirable qualities for which German Shepherds were originally bred. While the competition and conformation of dog sports has been opened up in recent years to permit other breeds to compete for titles, few other breeds have been able to demonstrate consistency at the level of the European German Shepherd.

Obedience, willingness, and reliability are at the heart of the European German Shepherd. These traits in addition to decades of structured breeding and evaluations, are what make them capable of earning top recognition. The European German Shepherd is well known in the working and conformation world as the top breed and the best of the best. Other breeds just fall short in one area or another. As a individual looking for the best protector and family companion even considering another breed for the safety of your family is settling for less.

Harrison K-9®* is the company that families, celebrities, and law enforcement agencies have confidently turned to for decades to get expertly trained personal protection dogs. Our leadership and expertise in the industry have been profiled in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles, plus on news broadcasts and television documentaries.



We provide all of our client’s strict confidentiality and protect their privacy zealously. We do not need to advertise your name to place our dogs. A Harrison K-9®* stands on his own merit and proves himself to the new family. Our publicity is all about the Harrison K-9® *and their proven track record.

We invite you to read on about how a Harrison K-9®* European German Shepherd, and the best dog breed for protection in general can provide extraordinary peace of mind as a family watch dog and vigilant protective companion.

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