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Frequently Asked Questions

Harrison K-9®* believes that a well educated client is a better client. We understand that you aren’t just purchasing protection, you are purchasing a new member of the family. Harrison K-9* has compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our potential clients. We hope this will help you decide between the common protection dog and a certified-trained personal/executive protection Harrison K-9®*.

What makes Harrison K-9®* different than the other companies I see on the Internet selling dogs?
Harrison K-9* has been in the business of selling the European German Shepherd for over 43 years.

This is 43 years of training, breeding, importing and working every day with just the European German Shepherd. Not as a Military or Police facility, but as a company placing personal protection dogs in private homes just like yours.

We firmly believe there is a vast difference between a Military and Police dog and a family protector, both in personality and in temperament. Many Military and Police trainers train personal protection dogs on the side. Military and Police trainers can sell a few substandard dogs to you, the novice unknowing buyer, make some extra money and have little or no work or money in the dog. They surely will not guarantee the dog and if you try to get your money back then, remember they’re the Police, not you.

Unfortunately we have seen it too many times to count. Harrison K-9* has extensive knowledge in the training of Military and Police dogs and have taken certain aspects out of that training and incorporated them into our training program here at Harrison K-9®*. Harrison K-9®* German Shepherds are imported from one of the top kennels in Germany and all are raised in the home with families, not in kennels. We would never sell you a dog that we would not have in our own home. Ask others what the company you are dealing with has put back into their facility and how long they have been placing dogs in homes like yours.

Your money is valuable and you should buy the best you can afford. Your family is even MORE valuable, and you owe it to them to choose a personal protection dog that will be a loving protector of your family.

Why should I select a dog over two years old and how important is a working title in personal protection?
We also only sell internationally judged and titled European German Shepherds.

Harrison K9* does not try to convince you that an untitled dog is the best as we know and anyone who does their research can figure out. If a dog can obtain a title in Europe they will, and if they cannot then they just do not have the temperament to get one. The European German Shepherd matures slowly and a dog under two years old just does not have the experience or confidence to be a solid, stand their ground protector. What you lose in six months to one year in age you make up for in maturity, confidence and real security for you and your family.

How many different breeds of dogs do you sell?
We are a facility dedicated to the Imported European German Shepherd; we do not import or train any other breed.

Harrison K-9®* specializes in one breed, the best breed for working, security, family companionship, and loyalty. The Imported European German Shepherd has a reputation of being the best of the best. It is also more expensive to bring into the country and train and as such many companies try to breed puppies and raise their own dogs to train. It is one of the reasons many other facilities use the Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Rottweiler, and other similar breeds, because they cannot afford to import quality, pink-papered (the highest level of pedigree obtainable in Germany), titled German Shepherds and figure you as a regular non-dog trainer will not know you are getting considerably less than the best for your family. Other facilities may have one or two European German Shepherds around but chances are they aren’t going to give you a choice of 15-25 high quality European German Shepherds. We have a 25-acre multi-million facility completely dedicated to the training, importing, and caring for the European German Shepherd.

How does Harrison K-9®* train so different from other companies?
What’s the secret?
We have many different methods that have been put to the test in training and handling the German Shepherd.

While we cannot divulge all of the training secrets that make Harrison K-9* stand out, here are a couple of obvious factors that we believe make a real difference:

Our training staff is almost entirely females. A female training staff ensures all of Harrison K-9* dogs can be handled by you and your family. No large bulky Police/Military trained testosterone full men, barking out commands and slinging dogs around out here using fear and intimidation to force dogs to do their bidding. Female trainers must use their handling skills and take the time to bond with the dog to train and control and animal that weighs almost as much as they do. While we do expose our dogs to all types of sizes of trainers, Harrison K-9* makes sure every dog that leaves here is comfortable being handled by women, children (yes, children), and men alike.

Our staff uses only positive training reinforcement and attention suited to each individual dog’s personality. You can be assured your family can handle our dogs whether they are children or a family member that would otherwise be intimidated by a large dog. Wouldn’t you want a dog that has learned to behave around people, learned loyalty and devotion, and has learned how to be handled by the “little” people in your life versus a dog that has to be forced into training and only a “man” can make work right. Leave the Police/ Military training to the Police and Military, all you want in your home is a dog that knows how to behave with “regular, normal people”.

Why don’t I just cut out the middle-man and import my own dog from Europe or have someone import it directly for me?

All of our Harrison K-9®s* are located here in the USA; they are not some strange dog imported “for you” but unknown to the handler and sold to you in days of arriving in the U.S.

Harrison K-9* staff spend a minimum of three months evaluating, testing, and training every dog we import from Europe.

Ask Yourself:

  • Would you buy a dog you cannot see or even consider paying for a dog that is not in the country?
  • If no one knows the dog that you are getting before it gets here, would you really want this dog around your family and friends?
  • Wouldn’t you feel safer with a dog that lives in an American home with our trained staff and has been around our staff’s family and friends, a dog that is use to hearing English spoken and use to an American household?
  • Are you really going to trust dealing with a company or individual in another country, one who probably does not care if you are satisfied with the dog or not because he knows you have no recourse if you have a problem?

Everyone knows Americans treat their dogs different than other cultures; dogs are a member of our family and can be our best friend.

A German Shepherd that is use to American noises, smells, homes, and situations is much more comfortable than a German Shepherd thrown into a whole new world with nothing to compare it to. Know the history of the dog you are getting and make sure he has been conditioned to American ways. Don’t let them fool you. European homes are much different than American homes.

What about all these dog training and selling companies I see on the Internet? What are they all about and why are their prices so much cheaper?

Anyone can be anything they want to be on the Internet. With the advancements in technology today, a home-based dog trainer can look like a top-notch company.

Most of these “companies” don’t even list an address because they don’t want you to visit. They always want to bring the dog to you or meet you at a local park.

Beware “cheaper companies”! They buy cheap untitled dogs that Europeans are trying to dump or even worse AKC-registered American Dogs and then try to turn them into high-dollar personal protection dogs. Of course they can make a profit; they have little or nothing invested in their product and nothing to lose. Harrison K-9* is a multi-million dollar facility located on 25 acres in Aiken, South Carolina. We use over-sized kennels, many times the size of a standard kennel, and all of our dogs get to go out and train and play every day. We have several half-acre turn out pens they run in daily and a full staff of professionals that take a dog home with them every night and socialize them around their own family and friends.

Ask what the company you are dealing with has put back into their facility and how long they have been placing dogs in homes like yours. Not Military or Police K-9 handling experience but real down to the bones working daily with an American family

like yours. I bet you would be surprised at the real answer. There is a big difference between a Police/Military dog handler that handles one or two dogs in his entire career and a personal protection dog handler that handles 75 to 100 dogs a year and places them in multiple different situations and homes. Ask for references of family homes, with children and other animals in the home, not Police or Military references. Police and Military people stick together and will tell you what you want to hear, but the average American family member is going to tell you about their daily dealings with a dog just like the one you are considering.

Harrison K-9* has been in business for over 43 years. We have a full staff that works every day to care for and train the European German Shepherd. This is not a family business with husbands and wives and kids running around. It is a staff of professional trainers from hired from elite schools, certified vet techs, and professional groomers that compete and show dogs themselves. We import only titled and proven German Shepherds from Europe and work with these dogs daily to evaluate, train and care for them. Our staff and training methods are unique and we are constantly trying to learn more and improve our business daily.

How many different breeds of dogs does Harrison K-9®* sell?

Harrison K-9®* is a dedicated to the European German Shepherd, particularly the Schutzhund titled German Shepherds.

No other breed imported or trained. Harrison K-9®* believes the European German Shepherd to be the best breed for working, security, family companionship, and loyalty. The German Shepherd has a reputation of being a premier breed, however due to the increased cost of importing and training German Shepherds, many facilities will often use other breeds, such the Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Rottweiler. If you are not receiving a titled Schutzhund German Shepherd, you are getting considerably less than the best for your family.

How will I know how to handle my new Harrison K-9®* German Shepherd?

As a new owner of a Harrison K-9®* German Shepherd, you are taught how to handle your dog.

The entire family participates in the training in a way that is both comprehensive and easy to understand (and fun!). Your Harrison K-9®* becomes a member of your family, and is a devoted family company 99.9% of the time, but still has the “Right Stuff” when it comes to taking care of business should the situation arise.

What type of training facility does Harrison K-9®* have?

Harrison K-9®* is a multi-million dollar facility located on twenty-five acres in Aiken, South Carolina.

We use over-sized kennels and all of our dogs get to go out and train and play every day. Harrison K-9®* maintains half-acre turn out pens the dogs run in daily and a full staff of professionals that take a dog home with them every night and socialize them around their own family and friends.

We welcome your questions and encourage you to visit us here at our facility and review our demonstration DVD. We know German Shepherds and would love to talk to you about them. Give us a call and allow us to show you the difference. 803.649.5936

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