Harrison K-9®* Showcase

Harrison K-9’s European German Shepherds are the Finest available. Each K-9 has been evaluated and is in training to our exact standards. Each dog is imported from Europe and then completes their training here in Aiken, South Carolina under our watchful eye. They are not “Kennel” dogs, nor are they living in another country right before they arrive at your home. They are right here. You can visit them, interact with each dog and our staff and have the assurance that they are what we say they are.

You can expect your new Harrison K-9 to be comfortable in public and private settings, normal to the American Lifestyle of living. This means the dog knows how to behave regardless of if you live in the fast-paced city, quiet suburban area, or on a farm in the country.

Please preview the videos below for information about each dog and see some of the ways Harrison K-9 trains. This makes each dog unique and qualified to be your new best friend and even protector.

Harrison K-9 believes in our program and training methods so much that we have the best guarantee in the business. Each dog comes backed with a written guarantee of sixty days UNCONDITIONAL suitability and a six-month Congenital Health Guarantee.

If there is a problem with the dog, Harrison K-9 will replace the dog at our expense with a dog of equal or greater value. There is no restocking fee or additional hidden expenses.

The average price of a trained adult dog is between $50K and $65K. We can provide an estimate of any delivery or additional charges and fees BEFORE a deposit is made on a dog if needed.

You can expect up front pricing in writing with no surprises.

Call us at 803-649-5936 or email at info@harrisonk9.com.

Van Damme

Van Damme is a black and tan male from Germany.


Lito is a beautiful black over tan male from Germany.


Wolf is a beautiful saddle back sable male from Germany.


Lucci is a beautiful black and tan male from Germany.


Jack is a beautiful solid black female imported from Germany.


Teddy is a beautiful solid black male from Germany.


Birdie is a beautiful solid black female from Germany.


Juri is a beautiful black over tan male from Germany.


Easy is a beautiful black and tan female from Germany.


Tiara is a beautiful sable female from Germany.

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