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Man’s Best Friend is also his best protection

Man’s Best Friend is Also His Best Protection

Harrison K-9* provides the ultimate security device that is safe and fun for kids and families.
Statistics show that home break-ins are on the rise, and the pattern of when a home is burglarized has changed. In the past, a break-in usually occurred when the home was empty during the day or while the family was away on vacation. According to recent studies, that is no longer true. Today’s intruder, in many cases, is not a single burglar, but a group of criminals working together. They have no fear of entering a home when the family is sleeping at night and may accost anyone who is awakened by the noise. There is also the home-invasion criminal who breaks in at any time of day with no concern for who is home; some of these offenders will deal with unexpected family members in whatever manner required in order to achieve their criminal objective.

Let’s face it, as technology grows leaps and bounds, our lives have become easier and more connected. From cell phones to automatic gates to advanced security systems controlled online, it seems we are all electronically linked in some way. Unfortunately criminals are connected too. However, there is a device that can protect the home and family that cannot be compromised by hackers, thieves, or technological glitches. Harrison K-9®* offers world-class European German shepherds who provide safety and security while serving as the family’s favorite companion and loyal best friend.

Known worldwide as the pioneers of the K-9 security industry, Harrison K-9®* has provided European German shepherds to prominent clients around the globe, including a top-secret “who’s who” list of dignitaries, celebrities, and C-level executives. Because anonymity is sacred at Harrison K-9®*, they refuse to capitalize on their confidential client list. “We are recognized as the best at what we do and we do not advertise who our clients are,” says Harrison Prather, founder and CEO of Harrison K-9®*. “They can expect to remain anonymous.” Having sold these top-of-the-line K-9s for more than three decades to families, famous entertainers, professional athletes, well-known television news commentators, and world government leaders, the company must be on the right track.

Harrison K-9®* only imports European German shepherds from the pure and closely guarded bloodlines of Germany’s finest breeders. All of their K-9s are certified in the renowned Schutzhund competitions (the gold standard by which working dogs are judged internationally) and have achieved the equivalent of a master’s degree in tracking, obedience, and protection. Prather explains, “If a German shepherd cannot achieve a title in Schutzhund, there is usually a reason, and it is not a reason most people want in their homes and around their families.

The training these dogs receive at Harrison K-9®’s* 25-acre facility, located in Aiken, South Carolina, is just as fascinating as the concept of this business itself. Each dog’s training is tailored to suit the personal preferences and needs of the client that is purchasing the dog. Harrison says, “The abilities of the European German shepherd are endless, and these dogs are always up to the task of learning something new. Training can include locating the scent of missing children, avoiding poisonous foods, searching the home for intruders, and protecting the owner from car-jackings, just to name a few.”

Female trainers are another key to Harrison K-9®’s* success. With a training staff made up predominately of women, these dogs are trained not only in advanced obedience and protection techniques, but also the demeanor most ladies prefer around their children and families and how to respond correctly in a home environment. This gives a Harrison German shepherd the edge over the competition because the dog can respond instantly to provide the protection for the family that the man of the house desires when he is away, while still maintaining instinctual knowledge of how to behave around the lady of the house, and be a gentle, best friend to the children. With a price tag of $35,000 to $60,000, these dogs do not come cheap, but peace of mind in regards to safety and security never does.

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