Jana and Paul

Why Quinte is Special

to Jana and Paul

Jana and Paul's Harrison K-9® Story


Dear Harrison K-9, Thank you for bringing Quinte to me and my family in Canada. She is everything we asked for and more.

I took her to my vets to get more heartworm prevention and have her weighed so we know how we are doing with her nutrition and she was an angel. My vet is very impressed with her behavior and wishes all her clients dogs were so well behaved. She loves her nice comfy bed and now sleeps right beside my bed. We keep the crate close by but she prefers where she is. The other dogs have all adjusted well to her being here. Morgan is still Alpha but Quinte has accepted this for now. She likes to race around the back yard with Myles and Moose playing tag and seems to be the one who initiates all the play!!!

She has not left my side and is really attached to me. I think she enjoys farm life and all the activity going on.

We are at the cottage now and the trip did not stress her at all. As long as she is with us she seems content. We took all the dogs for a boat ride yesterday and she sat up in the bow of the boat taking in the scenery and smelling all the smells. She took a real interest in the seagulls as they are loud and annoying!!! She ended up sound a sleep on the floor of the boat in a heap with the other dogs and had a great day that ended with a great meal by the camp fire and a walk on the beach (which she also loves…although the labs have not convinced her to do more than wading around in the water!!!)

I think we are doing very well with her and everyone seems peaceful….we are all laughing at my mom because she was the one who was against the dog and was quite upset that we had got her. She was afraid her grandchildren were going to get attacked…well yesterday my mom and dad came over and Quinte slept peacefully at my feet on the front porch while we had a cup of tea together. My mom petted her a few times and went on and on about maybe she was a dud because she did not seem protective at all and maybe we paid alot of money for a dog that was not even going to bark!!! (people on bikes were going past and people walking etc.) Beth started giggling because we had all seen Quinte in action with you Patrick and found it funny that my mom thought she was not a good watch dog even!!! That evening my Mom came back over with some special chicken gravy for Quinte’s dinner as the “poor dog is too thin!!!!” and needs some of Grandma’s cooking!!! That made me feel better that she has accepted her.

So all in all things are going awesome. She is everything we have hoped for and more. I would also like to add that you made it so easy for us Patrick. You were wonderful to work with and made the transition so easy for us. We were very impressed by your work ethic and wish we could find people like you to work for us up here!!!! Our young guys seem so unmotivated and unloyal to our company sometimes…just doing the bare minimum and not caring for their jobs. You could tell you really care about your job and how you do it. You lead by example and are very hard working…Paul and I think you will go far!!!! Your energy is awesome and the kids are still talking about you and telling their friends about their American friend from South Carolina. Thanks for including them and making them feel part of it all. They are still laughing about Moose and his stinky roll in the poo.

I feel safe in my own home for the first time in a long time. It feels so good to curl up in bed a night and just let her do the listening. It has given me peace of mind. I feel alot more relaxed and I didn’t even realize how stressed I was until now. I don’t worry about the kids out in the yard. I feel confident going for walks in the woods again and she is a comfort to have around. I even fell asleep in the deck chair with her at my feet knowing she would let me know if someone was around. Paul said: You never do that!!! I could really get into this napping thing!!!! I might not get any work done…..

All for now…the weather has been super cool up her ( low 50’s at night…sweater time) I think the climate agrees with Quinte…we are turning her into a real Canadian up here….eh?

Jana and Paul