Jim D

Why a Harrison K9 is Special

to Jim D

Jim D's Harrison K-9® Story

Dear Harrison K-9 Staff,

I just wanted you to know how thrilled that I am with my purchase of Quenda. She is everywhere with me and fits in quite well. She is always watching, and never lets her guard down when we are out. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. She is good with the public, but yet ready to defend in an instant. She goes from ” Teddy Bear” to ” Nightmare” with just a word, and back to ” Teddy Bear” when told that everything is fine. I will be purchasing another Harrison K-9 in the near future, your standards are high and that is what I like.

PS. She has never asked for food when I’m eating, has never gotten into anything, and if I leave anything out including her own snacks, she won’t take them unless I give them to her.

I couldn’t dream of another dog as great as she is. Perfect is the only word that fits.

Jim D