Moves Magazine,Athletes in Motion, Spring 2008

Security with a Twist
The epitome of controlled aggression!
About Professional Athletes – For Professional Athletes

The trail of ink ended in a swoosh signifying the beginning of an entirely new existence. The exclusive contract you have been inching toward since high school is now official. Random thoughts begin to surface as your neurons rapidly fire on the drive home.

Soon after you pull into the driveway your Blackberry starts to vibrate. Thinking its a close relative calling with congratulatory prose, you answer with a hint of hubris.

Little do you know an unwanted chain of events has established momentum. Now your business is in the streets and everyone needs a favor Russell, the gas station clerk, the mailman. All of a sudden what was supposed to be the most fulfilling day of your life is being turned inside out by mere acquaintances.

Refuge exists in the workout room, so you head there to relieve doses of spontaneous stress. Before the first set is completed your name crawls on the sports ticker informing the world of your financial business. Scenarios like this exist too often in the world of professional athletics. Fortunately, there are ways to protect you and your family from unforeseen acts of aggression. Gated neighborhood, elite alarm system, video surveillance, Remington its all there. Yet in this day and age criminals are craftier than ever. The aforementioned line of defense just isn’t enough to ward off a determined thief or would be attacker anymore, especially since your teams road schedule is accessible virtually any here

Welcome to the world of protection canines. Think of it as another layer of security with a twist. For the price of a European saloon, these canines are the epitome of controlled aggression. Equipped with conditioned response mechanisms, these European German Shepherds can compute dozens of commands on or off leash. With a lineage that is traceable up to 60 years, documentation ensures each owner is acquiring the most exquisite stock. But it does come at a price. Depending on the lineage, European training background and level of advanced training these canines receive prices start at $30,000 and can exceed $60,000. So who are successful professionals turning to?

When it comes to trained purebreds there is one specialist that supplies what discerning clients expect out of an elite dog: the right temperament and social skills to co-exist with the wife and children without compromising the ability to defend on moments notice. Welcome to the world of Harrison K-9*. Widely regarded as the pioneer of Executive Protection Dogs, Harrison K-9* has been in the business since 1975. Founded by Harrison Prather, Harrison K-9* is located on a 25-acre compound in South Carolina. All European German Shepherds come to Prather from Germany with extensive experience of Schutzhund a German dog sport and exposure to social family environments. Upon receiving top bloodlines, Prather spends the next three months taking the Schutzhund out of the dog and recalibrating its hardware, so to speak.

Training can include Advanced Obedience , Tracking to find a lost child, In home search for intruders, Anti- kidnapping training, and vehicle protection for carjacking. The more advanced the training the higher the price. Included in the package is a two-day handlers training course at the South Carolina facilities, a comprehensive video for reference and, for an additional fee, a trainer will travel to your residence for a two or three day course for further guidance. My client travels, has a young family and is worried about their security, Prather points out. The more money you have the more high profile you are. FBI statistics say that out of 2,000 kidnapping a day only 1,000 are recovered.

Harrison K-9* serves an international clientele made up of Who’s Who in Business, Entertainment, Fortune 500 Executives, Political Figures and of Course Professional Athletes.
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