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The First Requirement is a social and friendly European German Shepherd
“The Ultimate Home & Executive K-9 Security For A Mere $50,000”
“…a Harrison K-9®* is just a warm and friendly family companion…”

Located in rural Aiken South Carolina is the twenty-five acre World-Renown Facility, Harrison K-9*. This company, founded in 1975 by Harrison Prather, who is known in the business as simply “Harrison”, caters to an elite clientele, supplying them for over thirty years, with security far superior to alarms, deadbolts and bodyguards.

A superior security system that needs no batteries can not be bribed and loves you more than you love yourself, is a Harrison K-9®*. For famous entertainers, celebrities, professional athletes, high-ranking government officials in the U.S. and abroad, executives, and individuals just concerned about their family’s safety, Harrison K-9* is considered the premiere outfit in the U.S. for providing extensively trained, elite Security K-9 s. Harrison’s clients are primarily affluent. In the past, he has sold K-9 s to members of the British Royal family, and to Royalty in the United Arab Emirates. (U.A.E.)

These outstandingly bred K-9 s come from the treasured bloodlines of Europe and are hand-picked by Harrison for their pedigree, intelligence and temperament. They have completed their foundation training in Europe and proven to be proficient on the field of Schutzhund, the standard by which working dogs are judged internationally. While these dogs are being campaigned in Europe they are also being exposed to the family and extended family environment. “Each dog that we bring in the country is raised in a home with small children, older couples and in busy households,” says Harrison. The first requirement is a social and friendly European German Shepherd, which results in a dog that is capable of passing rigorous working dog tests, but has a gentle, family-oriented side too. Once selected by Harrison, each dog is given strict initial evaluations at Harrison K-9* and if they pass are placed in a precise training program with hopes becoming an official “Harrison K-9®*”. Harrison has designed a training and selection course so unique that it tests the skills and abilities of some of the best European German Shepherds in the world and helps place the right K-9 s to clients based on the client’s background. He rarely has a return, he said, even though every Harrison K-9* is sold with a guarantee. All of this careful consideration comes with a price. The average cost of a Harrison K-9®* is $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 USD. It is certainly an investment, but one that people-especially those with young children and those who travel a lot-are willing to make. Harrison said, “It’s important to remember that 99.9% of the time, a Harrison K-9®* is just a warm and friendly family companion, and most definitely one that you can rely on.”