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European Shepherds Hand-Picked For Pedigree, Intelligence, and Temperament
Harrison K-9* to premiere their $230,000 family guard dog on CNBC tonight.

AIKEN, S.C., April 14, 2015 — What is the best way to protect your family at any time and any place? The answer is a Harrison K-9* dog. Tonight at 10:00 pm Eastern on CNBC’s show “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” you will get the chance to see Harrison K-9* in action with four of their dogs.

The four dogs being featured are Lilli, Juna, Yola, and Julia. The price tag on Lilli was $80,000, but the top shepherd named Julia sold for $230,000. The price is determined by the dogs’ intelligence, beauty, training and bloodlines, which for some dogs, that can often trace back as much as 100 years.

“There’s a German Shepherd show in Europe, you can equate it to sort of the Miss Universe Pageant,” said November Holley, who is the president at Harrison K-9*. “Julia placed in the top 50 dogs in the world.” The dogs understand a combination of English, German and hand signals. Just days after the “Secret Lives” shoot, Lilli, Yola and Juna all sold.

About Harrison K-9*

Harrison K-9* has provided the finest European German Shepherd protectors and loyal companions to families, business executives, entertainers, professional athletes, and law enforcement agencies for more than 40 years.

Harrison K-9®* European German Shepherds are trained to exact specifications at their facility in the United States. Only then do they qualify to be called a Harrison K-9®*.

Their training includes advanced obedience both on and off leash, personal and family protection, tracking, In-home search for intruders, and other special skills. Training is tailor designed for each individual family’s needs.

All Harrison K-9®* dogs undergo protection training. Their twenty-five acre compound in Aiken, South Carolina includes an agility training area, an indoor training building, and a wooded park area for city or suburban training. A lot of the training is done off the property in nearby areas. By the time a Harrison K-9®* Shepherd leaves its training center, it has encountered almost every environment and situation in which it may find itself when in the “real world.”

To find out more about Harrison K-9*, you can look them up on Facebook, Twitter @HarrisonK9AE, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, or their website If it’s not a Harrison K-9*, it’s just a dog.

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