T Smith

Why a Harrison K9 is Special

to T Smith

T Smith's Harrison K-9® Story


Dear Harrison K-9 Staff,

Thank you so much for the precious addition to our family. I do believe we have the smartest dog on the planet. She’s great at everything from obedience to protection. I really thought it would be a lot of work to maintain a strong working dog, but she’s amazing. Instead of testing the limits, she seems to only work harder. I am so impressed.

When we travel, she gets right in the back of our SUV and lies down. It would be easy to forget that she’s even back there. She will, however, alert me if someone approaches the car and that’s awesome.

At home, she positions herself where she can see what’s happening without being in the way. Her kitchen manners are fantastic and I can leave her at home for 10-12 hours alone and not worry that she might have an accident or be on the furniture. WOW!

I took her to my teen son’s concert festival last month at school. The gym was filled with classmates, family, and friends. The noise was terrible but she handled it like a champ and was the best behaved body in the building. I tell my son he could learn a few things from her.

I just wanted to share with you the happiness that we feel to have her in our lives. She is the best and we appreciate everything you and your staff did to make sure we received the perfect dog for our family.

T Smith