Training & Results

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Producing Results

It's the breed and training that set Harrison K-9s* apart.

Harrison K-9* Training & Results

A Rich Heritage, A Long History, Unique Training, Proven Results

Training Exclusive to the Harrison K-9* Process

Advanced Obedience

All K-9 s are taught commands to “come, heel, sit, down, or stay” in multiple languages & hand signals

Even Children can Handle

Harrison K-9s* are taught to be obedient to any member of your family.

Everyday Places

We also train in a variety of everyday settings including city streets and parks, vehicles, small boats, and yachts.

Special environments

Training in areas such as an office ensures your K-9 will perform as conditioned under a wide range of circumstances.

Training Facilities

Our immaculate 25-acre compound is located in rural South Carolina.


Every Harrison K-9* must display the confidence to handle the unusual conditions in our exclusive course.

Obstacle Training

Agility is a fundamental part of our training and assures our clients of an athletic and willing protector

Daily Rigor

A rigorous training regime is part of everyday training.

Practical Training

An on-site simulated park is used for training our K-9 s for practical situations outdoors.


Training includes advanced In-home and perimeter search.

Patient and Gentle

Every Harrison K-9* undergoes a weekly medical and grooming evaluation to maintain health and well being.

Bite & Hold

Our K-9 s are taught to bite and hold on to an attacker.

Results that Speak for Themselves

Your Protector

This is what the bad guy sees: He will probably decide to go elsewhere (given the chance).

Obedient to You

Even in stressful situations, Harrison K-9s* obey your commands.

Protector and Defender

A Harrison K-9* is trained to evaluate the situation and protect when needed.


Harrison K-9s* have the confidence to serve and protect your family.

Loyal Companion

This is what you and your family will see: a loyal and intelligent friend, companion, and protector

Kids are Safe

A natural understanding of children is a required trait of a Harrison K-9*.

Protecting Your Family

His job is to protect your most valuable assets–your family.

Family Member

Your Harrison K-9* will be a vigilant and ever present companion for the entire family.

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*Harrison K-9 is a registered trademark of Adventure Elite, LLC