why HARRISON K~9®*

Why Harrison K-9®* is Your Best Choice

A Rich Heritage, A Long History, Proven Results

Harrison Prather, Founder/CEO of Harrison K-9®*, has extensive
knowledge and experience working with military and police K-9s.

Harrison Prather started in 1975, training dogs for both Law Enforcement and the U.S. Government under the name LRRP 

K-9 Security Services. In 1995 he made the decision to change the name from LRRP to Harrison K-9 Security Services, LLC. Simply put, “I’m Harrison so we should be Harrison K-9®*.” At that time the move was made from predominately Law Enforcement and Military to the Executive Personal & Family Protection K-9.

Harrison has used his background knowledge to put together a comprehensive professional training program at Harrison K-9®*. Our professional trainers use these techniques and methods, as well as the current training procedures daily in working with the dogs. This creates a dog that is 99.9% of the time family companion but still has the “Right Stuff” when it comes to taking care of business should the situation arise. Our proprietary training can’t be found in a book and isn’t available on DVD. It is an approach that is as individual as each K-9 is and tailored to each family’s needs. Our approach comes from 49 years of learning the very nature of the European German Shepherd and needs of 1000s of families like yours.

Effectively selected and trained personal protection dogs are not vicious attack animals. They are first and foremost obedient, dedicated, and trustworthy companions.

Harrison K-9®* specializes in selecting and importing only the purest European German Shepherds, then training these exceptional dogs to be the best family watch dog, protector, security dog and companion you will find anywhere in the world.

Harrison K-9®* trained protection shepherds set the bar in outstanding and reliable personal protection for 49 years. The unparalleled pedigrees of Harrison K-9®* German Shepherds represent only half of what makes our personal protection dogs some of the most coveted in the world. The second half of the equation is our impeccable training techniques.

The trainers at Harrison K-9®* have set new standards in canine education. Every single one of our techniques is based on positive reinforcement which works to strengthen confidence and courage in each dog. This further deepens the level of trust shared between human handler and canine protector making a devoted and trusted family watch dog.

All Harrison K-9®* dogs undergo protection training. Our twenty-five-acre compound in Aiken, South Carolina includes an agility training area, an indoor training facility, and a wooded park area for city or suburban training. By the time a Harrison K-9®* shepherd leaves our training center, it has encountered almost every environment and situation in which he may find himself when in the “real world.”

During our decades of leadership in this business, Harrison K-9®* has provided trained protection dogs to Hollywood celebrities, prominent sports figures, high profile politicians, and powerful business executives. Harrison K-9®* is the company that high profile families have confidently turned to repeatedly again to get expertly trained personal protection dogs.