Harrison K-9®* Bloodlines Are Exceptional

European Breeding

Superior European Bloodlines Create Highest Quality Results

“These German shepherds are anything but common. They are, in a word, EXCEPTIONAL.”

– Harrison Prather, Founder

What Clients Say

Dear Harrison K-9*, Thank you for bringing Quinte to me and my family in Canada. She is everything we asked for and more. I took her to my vets to get more heartworm prevention and have her weighed so we know how we are doing with her nutrition and she was an angel. My vet is very impressed with her behavior and wishes all her clients dogs … READ MORE
Jana & Paul

In Europe, the German Shepherd’s genetic purity has been painstakingly protected and preserved by the world’s top breeders. The requirements just to be approved for breeding include extensive temperament testing, working skills, correct conformation as well as certified health and DNA.

The result is the continuance of the exceptionally keen, agile, and intelligent European German Shepherd, free from the faults found in the over-bred common shepherd from the United States. Harrison K-9®* strives to stay on the cutting edge of bloodlines and only imports the top-quality lines that are proven to be the best in the World.

Each adult’s pedigree is reviewed and approved before importation and any breeding at our facility is matched sire and dame to produce the best qualities possible in our puppies.

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