All Purchases Always include Harrison K-9®* Staff!

Harrison K-9®* Pricing

Harrison K-9®* offers one of the best guarantees in the business.


Included with all training packages:


  • A two-day handler’s training course at Harrison K-9®* facilities in Aiken, South Carolina. (Longer training sessions are available if needed.)
  • A USB of the handler training course for your future reference.
  • Access to professional trainers for the life of your K-9.
  • Harrison K-9® ‘s* training staff can provide a tailor-made package for your individual needs.
  • K-9 s trained for tracking/child search and in-home search for intruders are also available upon request.
  • Each dog comes with professional quality equipment tested and used daily by Harrison K-9®’s* training staff. No more worries about the correct leash or collars, etc.


Additional Services Are Available


Just ask you may be surprised at what your K-9 can be trained to do before his or her arrival at your home. K-9s trained for tracking, child search, and in-home search for intruders are also available upon request.


A list of training options from prior clients’ personal requests is available for your review.

Your Family’s Personal Protection Matters

Our Obedience K-9 ‘s start at $20,000, with an average of $25,000-$27,000.


The average price for a client to spend on a personal protection K-9 from us is usually between $50,000.00 and $65,000.00.


Harrison K-9* will occasionally import a specially trained K-9 whose price exceeds the average price listed.

You Know You Want One. You Deserve one and You Need one.

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