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The Serenity Service K-9 exclusively at Harrison K-9
Our clients speak and we listen……
In our quest to train and adapt to the every changing environments and needs of our clientele; Harrison K9 in partnership with Vom Argatos Kennels in Germany has designed a training program that only select K-9s will qualify for. The Serenity Service K-9. This program encompasses two of the most popular Breeds of dog in the world. The German Labrador and the German Shepherd. We’ve searched over Europe to bring the best lines with the best credentials possible for the job. From children and adults with Special needs, Individuals dealing with PTSD or anxiety levels to those struggling with Covid isolation and rising crime statistics concerns. The average price of the Serenity Service K-9, including the onsite handler’s training, is $40,000USD.
  • Individual pup selection by certified Service K-9 trainers for our unique training program
  • All German Shepherds and German Labradors come with full pedigree and certified in Germany as a  Unterstutzungassistenzhund (Emotional Service Dog)  before arrival at Harrison K-9 in the USA
  • Upon arrival each dog is evaluated and enters training with a Harrison K-9’s Fully Certified Service & Therapy Dog Trainer.
  • Daily log book and documentation for daily training
  • All commands in English to facilitate ease of use in American or European life.
  • Custom Training for individual needs
  • Our unique “Vocal-response” on command is instilled in each K-9 sold. Allowing the dogs to provide a much needed presence with one simple command.
  • On-call Training staff for questions and over the phone assistance for the life of the dog
  • Mobility Assistance 
  • All equipment hand selected and provided for each individual K-9 sold. 
  • Documentation upon your dogs graduation from our Serenity Service K-9 program that allows them to travel and be with you everywhere you go.
  • Tags and Service K-9 vests/ harness included upon conclusion of Handler’s Training for individual clients.


Wemke is a beautiful black and tan female from Germany.


Pepi is a beautiful Yellow Lab imported from Germany.


Heidi is a beautiful black and tan puppy imported from...

Eckhardt (SOLD)

Eckhardt is a beautiful solid black male imported from Germany.

Contact us for how this unique and specialty trained serenity service k-9 can be an asset to your family's needs.