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From Harrison K-9®* clients

What Our Clients Say about their Harrison K-9®* Shepherd

“Your Harrison K-9®* is more than a protection dog. He/she is a member of your family, able to patiently play with your children, keep you company, and loyal to serving and protecting your family members.”
– Harrison Prather, Founder

Dear Harrison K-9, Thank you for bringing Quinte to me and my family in Canada. She is everything we asked for and more.



I took her to my vets to get more heartworm prevention and have her weighed so we know how we are doing with her nutrition and she was an angel. My vet is very impressed with her behavior and wishes all her clients dogs were so well behaved. She loves her nice comfy bed and now sleeps right beside my bed. We keep the crate close by but she prefers where she is. The other dogs have all adjusted well to her being here. Morgan is still Alpha but Quinte has accepted this for now. She likes to race around the back yard with Myles and Moose playing tag and seems to be the one who initiates all the play!!!  – Jana & Paul

Dear Harrison K-9,


Here is a photo of our protection K-9 Cessy we purchased from you over two years ago. As you can see her and our little girl Abigail are the best of friends. Cessy is very devoted to Abigail and they often sit together and watch cartoons. In this photo Abigail has fallen asleep on Cessy and Cessy, good as ever keeps watch quietly and never moves until she wakes up. Thank you for such a wonderful family companion. Cessy fills the bill as protector, babysitter and special friend. – John R.

Dear Harrison K-9:


We got our dog Tessa from you several years ago and we wanted to let you know how much we love her. This weekend our daughter was quite ill with a cold, and last night at 2 a.m. we were all sleeping when apparently our daughter fell out of bed and became quite disoriented with a temperature of 105 calling weakly for help, as she has also lost her voice due to the cold. Unfortunataely, all the doors were closed and our bedroom is at the opposite side of the house, so we slept through it.  – Barbara C.

Dear Harrison K-9 Staff,


I just wanted you to know how thrilled that I am with my purchase of Quenda. She is everywhere with me and fits in quite well. She is always watching, and never lets her guard down when we are out. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. She is good with the public, but yet ready to defend in an instant. She goes from ” Teddy Bear” to ” Nightmare” with just a word, and back to ” Teddy Bear” when told that everything is fine.  – Jim D.



Dear November,


We just can’t say enough good things about Floy. He is exactly what you promised and more. We will always have at least one Harrison K-9. We just can’t imagine our life without him now. Thank you for everything you and your staff have done. We are having so much fun  – The Sinders



Dear Harrison K-9 Staff,


Thank you so much for the precious addition to our family. I do believe we have the smartest dog on the planet. She’s great at everything from obedience to protection. I really thought it would be a lot of work to maintain a strong working dog, but she’s amazing. Instead of testing the limits, she seems to only work harder. I am so impressed.  – T. Smith


Hello November and Crew,

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for our little puppy. She is so smart and sweet, mischievous, active, and all the wonderful characteristics of a GDS puppy. She is getting along well with the cats, but keeps them on their toes. We are having fun with her and our grandchildren already love her so much. She has already taken her place as queen of the family.

– The Martins



Dear Harrison K-9:


Just wanted to share with you that our beloved German Shepherd named Kane, purchased from you in August of 2000 died this week. He was 13 years, 2 months old and died peacefully at home in his sleep.  – A. Bilsky



On September 29, 2012 we were introduced to “Drum”, a handsome German Shepherd, who arrived in California with Patrick. Patrick was without a doubt a fantastic representative of your organization. In every way he was knowledgeable, understanding, patient, and helpful. Please know how much we appreciated his expertise and training. What an excellent person he is!. What a perfect experience we had.  – B. Kaplan

Hi November & Patrick,

Just wanted to give you an update on Izzo. He is so amazing there are no words. He has taken to me so much and is as loyal as a dog could get. You guys thought he was aggressive when actually he isn’t at all. He’s super obedient and loving and just wants to be loved back. I adore him! Skyla is very aggressive, but not him. He is friendly to everyone whereas Skyla doesn’t trust people. Lol. So it’s a good blend. And they are the BEST of friends. And Bambi loves Izzo too. She licks his face and he puts up with her. He follows me absolutely everywhere, loves to play, and owns my heart completely. So thank you! – Lori-Ann



We are so thrilled with the dog that we got from you, we would happily provide referrals. I don’t know how we got along without her. My husband is not a dog person and he just loves her! She goes over and curls up next to his chair so he can reach her for easy pets. She is affectionate, people centered, and sweet. – Nada



Hi! I just wanted to give you any update on Henry. He is doing awesome!! We have him set up with a trainer Chris (who you spoke to) and is doing amazing! We are so happy with him!! Thank you again for helping us find the perfect dog for our family! He is a wonderful dog, he is very protective of the kids, always watching, doesn’t let them out of his sight. If they do decide to leave the yard, he is telling me immediately. He is a great running partner. He and I enjoy our 8 mile runs daily, he is off leash the entire time, and other than marking trees along the trail he doesn’t leave my side! We are all so grateful for everything y’all have done for us! – Amanda

He’s so much more loving than what I thought. Still very strong willed but our attachment to each other has quickly grown beyond what I thought it would be.

Again, you did a great job matching personalities. I still remember an e-mail where you said you got a dog in and his personality reminded you of me. That was Dolf.


I wanted to let you know that Cliff is a much loved member of the family. We also tell everyone about where he came from as you did a fabulous job of matching him up with our family. – – Barbara C.
I wanted to let you know that Cliff is a much loved member of the family. We also tell everyone about where he came from as you did a fabulous job of matching him up with our family. – – Barbara C.

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