We’d love to find a home for Daimon with people who love outdoor activities or sports in general. Diamon is your go to football, baseball or any sporting event and put him down in the crowd. He loves excitement and busy anything. He’s so eager to please and tries so hard to be perfect. In the house he settles down and is all for watching a movie or just hanging out, but his favorite thing is when you throw the ball and he can stretch those legs and go get it. He’s fast on the run and strong in protection. I promise the bad guy will not out run Diamon. Sometimes I think he’d go on the race track at the Kentucky Derby and place very well with those horses. A great dog that would be perfect for teenagers or young children. He is good with male and female dogs and doesn’t even look at them when they walk by. He’s too focused on his people and doing what they want to do next. A nice dog for that busy family.


Please contact us at info@harrisonk9.com for more information, photos, and videos.

Gender: M

Country: Germany

Price: $ *Call For New Price!*

Birthdate: May 22, 2020