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Ditch the Yippie
Puppy Purse! Protect Your Family!
Ditch the yippie purse dog. VIPs across the nation and in many foreign countries are turning to Harrison K-9* to protect the family abode, and for good reason-they are simply The Best.

In business since 1975, Harrison K-9®* gained notoriety for its meticulous attention to quality and detail. The dogs are imported from the purest and most coveted progeny of the European German Shepherd, put through rigid temperament testing and the placed into the training program for an average of three months at Harrison K-9’s* Aiken South Carolina facility.

Harrison K-9®* uses only Schutzhund titled European German Shepherd for their program. (Schutzhund is the gold standard by which working dogs are judged) When asked why, Harrison Prather, President and CEO tells us, ‘The European German Shepherd is the most versatile of working dogs created , they can be Police dogs, Drug Sniffing or Explosive Detection dogs, Seeing-Eye dogs, Therapy dogs, and Search Rescue dogs, and of course Family dogs just to name a few of the jobs they are well suited for. They far surpass any other breed. But, just because it is a German Shepherd does not mean it will stack up to the program we put our dogs through. The working title a dog achieves in Europe helps us weed out the good from the bad in dogs. If a dog cannot or has never achieved a title in Europe then chances are there is a reason for it. They flat out cannot make the cut and have a poor temperament. It is always a red flag for me when someone is trying to sell an Untitled dog or American German Shepherd for personal protection. Everyone in the business knows the American German Shepherd or untitled dogs are like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Mercedes-Benz S600. It is a firm indicator they are con-artists out to take advantage of the uninformed consumer.

To deserve the coveted title of a Harrison K-9*, these dogs are specially trained around the clock for protection for the family, home and vehicle. They will protect on command, patrol the home for intruders, respond to numerous silent hand signals and listen in multiple languages and not even flinch at the sound of gunfire. “They do not understand death” Harrison tells us. “They do not even know they can be injured or killed. They can sense fear and aggression and respond in a manner needed to subdue a threat.”

With kidnapping rates skyrocketing in Phoenix due to our proximity to the Mexican border, Harrison sees a need and market for providing families with “Executive Protection.” Unfortunately Phoenix, Arizona is the second worst city in the WORLD for kidnapping. Mexico City is the first. That’s a statistic that requires us to fight back anyway we can to protect our children and families.”

And don’t expect a rabid, razor-toothed killing machine, either. These dogs are carefully trained predominately by women for a lighter touch, they are trained to be pet/companion as well as protector. Harrison K-9* owners are apt to use words like “soul mate” and “family-member or fur person when describing their dogs.

The average Harrison K-9®* sells for 30,000.00 to 60,000.00, a bargain for sure, when you consider the peace of mind and security that can be yours.

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