This girl could not get more perfect in any area of training or home life. All her commands are instant and off leash. She is amazing. Jayna lives with the President of our company and is like that car on the lot with all the bells and whistles. She is flawless. Obedience and protection are at hand with a simple command. Usually we don’t even use a collar on her as she never goes too far. Good with male dogs, both big and small. I wouldn’t say she is social with female dogs as she is very sure of herself and it shows in her body language. The color is a unique Black over tan with a very serious face. She may look tough but inside she is a big ol’ sweetheart. Great with kids but I’d avoid cats with Jayna. Big city life or country life she’s awesome. I can’t say enough how low maintenance and easy to handle Jayna is. She is that dog that comes everywhere with you and is so quiet you forget she’s around until you stand up and she is quick to your side. 

Please contact us at info@harrisonk9.com for more information, photos, and videos.

Gender: F
Country: Germany
Price: $ *Call For New Price!*