A solid black male with a slicked down shiny coat. He is not a large dog and is the perfect size for someone who likes to travel. Max is quiet and gentle with a quick obedience and protection side to him. He is social in public and loves his family in private. He’s the sort of dog that is quiet and would be best in a family that isn’t fast paced or one that has just anyone walking into the door. He likes his life in a routine and would do best with calm people that aren’t keen on their house being the party central.  He tends to lean toward classical music and the finer things in life. A real gentleman that we aren’t sure knows he’s a dog. He is respectful in the home and wouldn’t dare drip water or scatter his toys and food. Meticulous and clean is our Max.


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Gender: M

Country: Germany

Price: $ *Call For New Price!*

Birthdate: February 9, 2021